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If You Need A New Garage Door Spring San Francisco Has A Lot To Offer

Although you may not think about it often, your garage door spring actually plays a key role in your everyday life. By allowing your garage door to easily go up and down, the spring enables you to pull your car into or out of your garage at will. Typically, if you are like most homeowners, it is only when your spring breaks or malfunctions that you realize just how much you rely on it.

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Garage Door Extension Spring

Questions and Answers

For garage doors, is a torsion or extension spring better? What are the pros/cons? More…?
If I have a torsion spring installed, will I need to have the header above the garage door beefed up to support the torsion exerted by the torsion spring? Thanks.

Posted Ian

Admin: In most cases torsion springs are the better way to go. It’s safer, smoother operating, and easier to maintain; and there’s no need for additional header support. Anymore, extension spring systems are only used when a torsion system is not able to be installed. (very low headroom for example)

Torsion systems to stay away from are the e-z wind systems from the home center, these are made for home owner install and use a drill to wind the springs. Everything about these doors screams low quality. The springs generally last only 5-7 years and are more expensive to replace or convert to a standard system.

Buy high cycle springs … springs have a rather predictable life cycle and for a nominal fee you can upgrade to a high cycle spring that will last at least 20yrs. 3 common types currently in use are the:

a) 7000 cycle …. good for 5-7 years and used by developers.
b) 10,000 cycle …. good for 10-12 years and standard for garage door companies.
c) 25,000 cycle … good for 20-25 years and often sold with a lifetime warranty.


How do I choose the right extension spring for my garage door?

Posted by Fel

Admin: Measure your door…width first then height. You then go to your store and tell them you have for example an 8 x 7 overhead and need extension springs… or they may have a rack of springs labeled for the varying sizes of doors. Chances are if the door is very old the paint has worn off the spring and you will just have to measure the door. Click below for more guide on garage door extension spring.